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Concrete Finishing Services in Vancouver

When most people think of concrete, they usually see it as a material that’s only meant for construction projects. While concrete can make buildings structurally stronger; the material is also extremely versatile. You just have to let your imagination flow. At Olympic Concrete Ltd, we can help design and conceptualize concrete formwork, conduct rebar installation, placement, excavation and demolition, along with the finishing of concrete. But at the same time, we can also offer our concrete construction services to build you beautiful pathways and driveways, concrete tables and do a whole lot more with this material. Our specialization, however, is in architectural concrete finishing and we’ve serviced several clients in Vancouver, Burnaby and New West for the same. Architectural concrete finishing is what we do best, apart from other concrete contract jobs. 

Reach us to build you a durable structure or something that’ll last for years.

Making Concrete Work for You

When you love concrete as much as we do, you realize it’s a material that’ll work in many ways for you when it comes to building and construction projects. From sturdy driveways to strong patios, formwork, curbs and more, Olympic Concrete Ltd is a concrete contracting company for all-purpose concrete works including:

Concrete Pumping

Whether you need liquid concrete poured on a slab or somewhere else, we have all the right equipment and training to carry out this job. Our machines will take care of it all for you.

Concrete Finishing

Architectural concrete finishing is what we love to do. It brings out the best of concrete and the end result is always a smooth clean finished concrete surface that’s solid and durable.

Excavation and Demolition

We conduct excavations and demolitions with the right equipment and licenses always. Our priority for such jobs is ensuring the safety of the crew, our clients and the surrounding area.

a picture of the concrete stairway at the house front

Let Concrete Work for You

Whether you’ve got a residential or commercial concrete contract, we have the expertise to make concrete work for you.

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